Friday, October 9, 2015

Tree of Savior will launch International CBT2 this month

Tree of Savior's Global Closed Beta 2 is scheduled to begin in October, the exact date haven't been published. The game is developed by IMC Games, founded by Mr Hakkyu Kim, also known as the "father of Ragnarok Online" since he led the game's development back in the early days at Gravity.

Tree of Savior CBT2

Marikim, admin of Tree of Savior, has announced that the upcoming second international CBT will be set this month. This will effectively double the population from August's initial beta. Existing testers from first CBT plus 5,000 new testers, more than 10,000 beta testing participants in total will be given the opportunity to test Tree of Savior for approximately one full month! 

With the upcoming beta around the corner, prepare yourselves with the Newbie Tips prepared by seasoned testers. If you want to shoot for a key, the best advice we can give you is to register on the official site of Tree of Savior, as that is where the studio drew its testing pool last time around.

Some regions have already gotten its publisher, such as South Korea, China, and even Indonesia. Is IMC Games really launching Tree of Savior as a global game for the English market on Steam? The answer is, no, this Steam version is just for players who do not have local publishers. Tree of Savior is also awaiting Open Beta in South Korea. All Korea players can play its OBT then. 

Player blocked by the game because your location don't authorized by the game can do a tricky to get access this game. This method is called a 'VPN' or 'Virtual Private Network'. VPN service is a highly recommended method for bypassing geo-restrictions. It is like a turbocharged proxy system that helps you to be completely anonymous online. Connect to a Korea server or China server to change your IP address to server's IP. VPN can quite easily to match up an IP address with its owner, and hide your physical location. 

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