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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Perfect World unveils New MOBA Ultimate Weapon

Perfect World China unveiled a new team-based MOBA gameUltimate WeaponTencent Games dominates China's booming eSports market recent years. To venture into eSports market, Perfect World promotes their first self-developed MOBA Ultimate Weapon. The game stresses on short game and fast combat. 

The fast-paced action MOBA Ultimate Weapon may be Perfect World's representative work, follow Dota 2. The game was known as Project UW before, is developed by Perfect World's console division in Shanghai. Ultimate Weapon‬ is a 3D self-invented eSports game, it is defined as a third-person casual eSport. You can play custom mode where players can decide team size their own. Combat not only takes place on the ground but also stretches to the mid-air, it fully realizes a dream of multi-dimensional fighting.

Currently 22 heroes has already been announced, divided into 4 categories - Warrior, Assassin, Shooter, and Support, with more to come in the future. The game focuses on team play and provides 3v3 and 8v8 modes. Things like communication, items, skins, garments still on the progress of updating. 

Players can select the card and collocate with talents to enrich fight tactics. Card system: Every hero has 6 slot to fill in with special abilities in increasing output, defense, agility, etc. These effects will be activated under some specified conditions. Talent system: Every battle the hero can choose different talents to prepare, applying to activate different functions in physical attack, magic attack, defense and tactics.

With Closed Beta on the horizon, foreign players may need a China VPN to get ready. There are free and paid VPN versions, and each has pros and cons, so let's take a look at which ones to take. VPNs with both free accounts and paid accounts are more recommended. To play Ultimate Weapon China, the VPN provider must have enough China servers. Server located in different locations and give stable and fast connection are the major factors to consider. Besides, the VPN protocols, special functions and refund policy are all needed to take into consideration.