Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Aima - Nexon Korea will be released next week

Aima, a new online action RPG will be launched next week on 8 October under Nexon KoreaIt is developed by KOG, the studio behind games such as Grand Chase and Elsword. A Western release hasn't been announced yet. So players from outside of Korea but want to play Aima on this October need to use a Korea VPN.

Aima is a new 2.5D action side-scroll online game. With KOG's rich action MMOG background, AIMA attracted wide attention after it is firstly announced. The game went into closed beta on July 5th in South Korea, and you can watch a worldview trailer for it below. As with most of the games these days, minus big titles such as Black Desert or Bless, classes are usually gender-locked, and Aima has the same restriction with four playable characters. 

While companies such as NHN are ditching PC games in favour of mobile ones, Nexon is still aiming to maintain a balance between the two platforms. Players could enjoy the various game content and excellent action feeling by simple keyboard control. While they haven't mentioned anything regarding a western release just yet. Then how to get a Korean IP? Read on to get the easy way of change into Korea IP.
  1. Download a VPN ClientInstall the VPN software and run it.
  2. Login with their free VPN account - vpnu, then go to their trial page to get the new updated password. It's no need to register an account for their free Korea servers. These free accounts can only be used three times a day. 
  3. You will see a list of servers after logging to the Client. The free VPN servers are listed by continents, but the Korea servers are listed in "Korea" button, not in "Asia" button.
  4. Connect to one of the Korea servers.
  5. After changing to a Korea IP, now you are allowed to play Aima Korea.

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