Friday, September 18, 2015

Play Might and Magic Heroes VII among the earliest

Might & Magic Heroes VII makes a triumphant return bringing you the essence of turn based strategy gaming. The game will be released on September 29, 2015 for North America, Europe, Australia. Even though available in the same day for all players, those who living in New Zealand will play it hours earlier due to the different time zones. While, a NewZealand VPN allows all players get the game as early as New Zealanders do. 

Might & Magic Heroes VII

Might & Magic Heroes VII, shortly MMH7, is an upcoming turn-based strategy game in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. The storyline serves as a sequel to Heroes of Might and Magic VI, taking place three centuries later in the same world of Ashan. Like the other games in the series, players control leaders with magical abilities termed as "heroes," who recruit a variety of forces from strongholds. The heroes and their armies battle the opponents, who also use heroes to lead their forces. It features a campaign series of levels, standalone and multiplayer scenarios.
DeveloperLimbic Entertainment
PublisherUbisoft Entertainment
Release dateSeptember 29th, 2015
GenreTurn-based strategy game
Previous gameShades of Darkness
FormatMicrosoft Windows

Get a free New Zealand VPN server

If you don't need a VPN for the game all the time, a free VPN is enough to unblock Might & Magic Heroes VII hours among the earliest. Most game shops won't ban VPN or block your account. FlyVPN is a VPN that need subscribe, but provides free Zealand server for free trial every day, safe than those so-called total free VPNs. It's easy to get their free VPN, even no need to register on their website.
1. Download their VPN software. Both of the two links in their download page are available.
2. Log with their free VPN account. The NewZealand server is in account 'vpnu'. The password would change about every half an hour. So use the latest password.

3. Click Oceania, choose NewZealand server, then click 'connect'.
You can use the free accounts three times per day. The online time for each connection restrict to about 20 minutes. So don't use up the free test time. 


1. Start game download process when after connected to the NewZealand server.
2. The speed may slower after connect to a VPN. But we don't need to keep VPN on during the whole downloading. Let it download somewhere between 10 to 20 MB while VPN Connection is on!
3. Close VPN Connection, let your local network continues to download, that's for fast speed. Several minutes of stop may occur at the beginning.
4. Connect to the VPN servers again at the end of download, making it looks like you are in NewZealand.
PS: Most sites would detect your IP address at the beginning and at the end of the downloading process, so please make sure VPN is on during these two periods.

Play early

1. Connect to New Zealand server.
2. Start the game and let it go all way into main menu when VPN connection is on.
3. Close the game and VPN connection, but do not close the game site.
4. When the game released in NewZealand, you are able to play it.

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