Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Armored Warfare enters Early Access Test 4

Armored Warfare, the multiplayer tank combat game, has now entered Early Access Test 4, running till August 30. Begins with major content updates, it provides players with 24/7 access. Armored Warfare is developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by My.com. Game link: http://aw.my.com/us.

To celebrate the rollout of Early Access Test 4, Obsidian and My.com have released a new gameplay trailer showcasing the new Tier 7, tank destroying Centauro 120, which has been added to the latest round of testing for the first time. This new phase includes major content updates, including new vehicles, maps, rebalancing and features, including retrofits and a vehicle upgrades system. For guaranteed access to Early Access Tests, as well as premium and exclusive content, players can purchase one of three available Founder's Packs.
The game will be operated by My.com in North American and Europe. If you are unable to play this game due to the reason that you are living outside of North American or Europe, the best solution is to change your IP address via a VPN service. VPN helps access resources on the internet you're not physically on the same local area network. Switching countries only takes a few moments too. You can be an 'Internet Citizen' of the US for a few minutes, switch to UK for a bit, and finish your browsing in Panama or Hong Kong... just for kicks.

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