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Thursday, May 30, 2019

How to get Pubg Ramadan rewards from anywhere

Ramadan log-in rewards have appeared in PUBG Mobile, and the event appropriately lasts the entire span of the holiday. Throughout the event, eligible players can rack up rewards:
  • 1 permanent outfit
  • Skeleton hand Executioner set
  • A permanent frame
    How to get Pubg Ramadan rewards from anywhere

But not everyone will be able to obtain even one of these rewards. As the PUBG Reddit community was quick to point out, the event doesn’t seem to be a worldwide offering right now. Players in India and other countries where Ramadan is a near nation-wide event should find the log-in banner in the Events tab.

Meanwhile, those in the Americas or scattered around Europe, the page is a no-show. It’s hardly fair any way you look at it, but it’s something a VPN can quickly fix.

A VPN connects your device to one of its servers located in the country where the content you’re trying to access is based. When you connect to that server, you get the IP of that country.

If you are not familiar with VPN service, I suggest you use FlyVPN to get Pubg Ramadan rewards. FlyVPN offers a free and paid VPN service. You can take advantage of the free trial VPN service before buying a paid service.

Here are the steps you need to follow to get Pubg Ramadan rewards with FlyVPN:
  1. Download the VPN on your phone.
  2. Subscribe to the FlyVPN service, or use the free VPN service. FlyVPN offers free trial VPN for all users and 14 days free VPN for new users of FlyVPN iOS or Android App.
  3. Connect To Malaysia/Singapore/India/Egypt VPN server
  4. Log in PUBG and you can get Ramadan rewards.
If you still have questions about how to get Pubg Ramadan rewards from anywhere, please leave a comment.