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Friday, February 19, 2016

How to play League of Legends Japan server from outside Japan

Riot Game's long-awaited League of Legends Japanese servers are finally about to make their debut in the spring of 2016, with its Closed Beta ended. League of Legends servers are set to hit Japan, along with a brand new cast of voice actors for the champions in-game. The voice actors dubbing the game into Japanese have plenty of anime experience! Because League of Legends Japan server blocks foreign IP addresses. You need to use a Japan VPN to change IP to a Japanese IP. Otherwise, you are unable to register, download or play it from abroad. We will show you how to pick the best and fast Japan VPN service to play LOL JP server later.

League of Legends Japan official website:

League of Legends Japan server

Create a League of Legends Japanese Server account

It is very easy to create League of Legends JP account. If you don't know Japanese, you can use Google translate webpage tool. It is very helpful. If you are living outside of Japan and unable to create LOL JP account with your local IP address, you can connect to Japan VPN server to unblock the IP-block.

Download and Launch League of Legends Japanese Client

Players can download League of Legends Japanese client from website. With the Closed Beta ends, we are unable to play it right now. When it released in Japan late, you can play it. Please take note that you should connect to a Japan VPN, then launch game from the game website.

Best Japan VPN for League of Legends Japanese Server

If you haven't got a VPN yet, you should take caution to pick Japan VPN service. There are many Japan VPN services search from Google. But some Japanese IP addresses provided by VPN providers are blocked by Japanese online games. So not all Japan VPN server will work. You should test their Japan VPN servers first before making subscription. Here we pick FlyVPN service, it provides free VPN accounts, and has multiple Japan VPN servers. I have used FlyVPN to unblock Black Desert Japan.

Now let me show you how to get connected on their free Japan VPN on PC:
  1. Download FlyVPN client. Install and run it.
  2. Register an account to logging on client. Any of your account can be used to have free test. If you don't want to register account, just use their VPN trial accounts listed.
  3. After logged in, click on Asia tab, you can see Japan VPN server under it.
  4. Hit one Japan VPN server and Connect button to get connected.