Saturday, September 28, 2019

How to unlock Project RIP in advance

Welcome to Project R.I.P. , control AI driven Agents in the battle against hordes of demons. Show your skills on the battlefield and on Global Leaderboards in this singleplayer Horror Survival First Person Shooter.

Game features

DEVELOPER: Storming Tech
PUBLISHER: Storming Tech
RELEASE DATE: 4 Oct, 2019
Platform: Microsoft Windows

How to unlock Project RIP in advance

Unlock Project RIP in advance

To unlock Project RIP in advance, you just need to go through a VPN provider like FlyVPN and choose a VPN server located in New Zealand. Once connected, you get a New Zealand IP address and unlock Project RIP in advance. The restriction system is not able to detect the change.

A VPN is very useful software for players who want to unlock games in advance and reduce ping games, especially if you are eager to play the games. In general, Steam will not block your account if you use a VPN to change your time zone and unlock games in advance.

Follow these simple steps to unlock Project RIP in advance:

  1. Preorder Project RIP and download the game client.
  2. Connect to a New Zealand VPN server on devices. Create a new account on your phone to get 14 days free VPN or use free trial VPN service.
  3. Once the connection is established, you will have a New Zealand IP address and you will appear as a New Zealand player, then you can unlock Project RIP with New Zealand Time.

If you still have questions about how to Project RIP in advance outside of New Zealand, please leave a comment.

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