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Friday, December 11, 2015

How can I play Tree of Savior OBT

NEXON KR announced that Tree of Savior Korean OBT will start on December 17th, 2015, 3PM Korea Standard Time. On December 15th, two days prior to the Open Beta test, players can pre-download the game. A Korea VPN will allow you play Tree of Savior Korean server OBT.

About Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior is a highly-anticipated 2.5D fantasy MMORPG. The English version of Tree of Savior got just added to Steam Greenlight. Playone Asia would be its publisher for Southeast Asia English server. The Korea server is the first server that will be entering open beta.

How to get a Korea VPN?

  1. You can resort to some free VPNs. I choose FlyVPN as it gives new users 14 day free VPN without limitation. After the first 14 days, your account can only be used three times a day.
  2. Or subscribe paid VPN. It's Christmas season now, most companies will give Christmas VPN discount. Don't miss the opportunity to own a Cheap VPN.
It's easy to use VPN. Download the simple setup VPN Clients on your device, choose Korea server, then your IP would be a Korean one.

Tree of Savior OBT Features

  • Players can now choose the starting point. Players can start their journeys from the new city "Orsha." Unlike in Tree of Savior CBT version, they should started their journey on Klaipeda after getting the divine revelations from the goddesses. The Orsha route will have Rank 4 advancement, and will provide players with new areas to explore and new quests to complete.
  • The level cap will be raised to Lvl. 280. In CBT3, players could only reach the lvl. 200 and progress up to Petrified City. The new version will allow players to reach lvl. 280 and new areas will be unlocked.
  • Each area has its own rank.In the previous version, the fields and dungeons only had names. In the OBT version, ranks will appear with their names.
  • Rank 7 Class will be added. Now your characters can advance to the rank 7 along with two other circles for Rank 6.
  • Guild System will be added. The aforementioned Templars can form and manage guilds.
  • Magic Amulets will be added. When a magic amulet is attached to one's shield or weapon, it will grant special stats.

Friday, November 27, 2015

How to play Civilization Online Korea Open Beta from abroad

Civilization Online will enter Open Beta phrase in South Korea on December 2, 2015.Unlike the previous brief pre-Open Beta phase, it's an official Open Beta announced by XLGAMES and 2KGAMES. The game is planned enter into China and Taiwan, but still remains exclusive to these non-English Asian countries. To get access to Civilization Online Korea OBT from outside of Korea, you will need to change your country IP address to a Korea IP by using a Korea VPN.

Civilization Online

Two new trailers have been released for the upcoming Open Beta and have been prepared for your viewing pleasure. Based on the popular Civilization game series created by Sid Meier, Civilization Online is the first Free-to-Play title in the franchise. The game is multi-passenger vehicles! Each session is time-based, instead of being a persistent online game. Even if you're late to join a game, you can always ride in one of the multi-passenger vehicles and contribute to the war.

Get a Korea IP address

  1. Register a VPN account on FlyVPN. Your account can be used for three times per day.
  2. Download a VPN Client on your PC.
  3. Login your account, then you will see servers in the interface.
  4. Click one of the Korea servers, then click "connect". It will auto change your IP to a Korean IP.

If three times is not enough for you, you can subscribe their service or get their 14 days free membership. To get 14 day free VPN membership, you need to login your account on their Android VPN app. It will auto give 14 days to your account after you login on one Android device. You can use all the servers in their shared IP package. 

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