Saturday, November 23, 2019

Unlock Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier

Truck & Logistics Simulator (previously known as Delivery Simulator and Transport Company Simulator) is a vehicle simulation game where you are tasked to perform logistics from beginning to end in single and multiplayer.

Game features
Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Aerosoft Simula Games
Release: 29 nov. 2019
Genre (s): Simulation

Unlock Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier

Truck & Logistics Simulator will be released worldwide on 29 Nov. 2019. Depending on the time difference, gamers in New Zealand and Australia will enjoy this game first.

Use a free New Zealand VPN to unblock Truck & Logistics Simulator in advance

Many players want to know how to play Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier. The solution is to use a VPN, the software allows you to change your IP address in seconds. I think this is a good way to change your IP address to a New Zealand IP address on PC. Read VPN tutorials to learn how to use the FlyVPN software.

FlyVPN offers paid VPN and free trial VPN at the same time. Download FlyVPN app and register on FlyVPN iOS or Android App for the first time, you can get 14 days free VPN. You can use your free account to test or familiar with the FlyVPN service.

The simple steps to unlock Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier:
  1. Preorder Truck & Logistics Simulator and download the game client.
  2. Connect to a New Zealand VPN server on a PC. 
  3. After connected New Zealand VPN, confirm your IP address has been changed to New Zealand and activate the game.
  4. Well, if all goes well you can unlock Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier.
FlyVPN proves to be a very useful tool to unlock and play games. If you still have questions about how to unlock and play Truck & Logistics Simulator earlier with a VPN, please let me know by leaving a comment.


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