Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Unlock Day of Dragons earlier with VPN

Day of Dragons is an online creature survival game set in a large, beautiful, sandbox open world with multiple biomes and distinct creatures. Rule the world as one of several dragon species, or play as an elemental.

Game features
Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Beawesome Games
Release Date: 5 Dec, 2019
Genre (s): Sandbox Simulation

Unlock Day of Dragons Day of Dragons earlier with VPN

How to unlock Day of Dragons earlier?

Even though Day of Dragons available on 5 Dec, 2019 for all players in the world, those who live in New Zealand will play this game 2 until 24 hours earlier due to jet lag. If you want to play Day of Dragons in advance, you can use a New Zealand VPN to become a virtual New Zealander.

To unlock Day of Dragons in advance, simply connect to a VPN server in New Zealand. Once the connection is established, your IP address is hidden behind a New Zealand IP address. And you can play Day of Dragons in New Zealand Time 00:00, 5 Dec, 2019, just like if you reside in New Zealand.

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