Tuesday, September 17, 2019

How to unlock Train Simulator 2020 earlier

Train Simulator 2020 is the new railway simulation of Dovetail Games, marking the ten years of the franchise. Many challenges await you, new lines such as the Nuremberg - Regensburg route, the South West Main line or the Norfolk-Southern N- Line, and the modeling of famous railway stations.

Game features
Publisher (s) / Developer (s): Dovetail Games
Release Date: Sep 19, 2019
Genre (s): Simulation

How to unlock Train Simulator 2020 earlier

How to unlock Train Simulator 2020 earlier?

To unlock Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in advance, you just need to go through a VPN provider like FlyVPN and choose a VPN server located in New Zealand. Once connected, you get a New Zealand IP address and unlock Monster Hunter World: Iceborne in advance. The restriction system is not able to detect the change.

A VPN is useful and essential if you want to unlock the games. This type of software establishes a secure tunnel between your computer and a VPN server and allows you to change your IP, in accordance with the location of the server. Just connect to a VPN server in New Zealand, the game will unlock automatically.

Best VPN for unlock Train Simulator 2020 earlier

Now concerning the choice of VPN provider, it's harder. Personally, I use FlyVPN, this is an excellent VPN service, it offers VPN servers in New Zealand. You can try their excellent service with free trail VPN to play games. If you download FlyVPN Android App, you will have the opportunity to get 14 days free VPN.

Since Train Simulator 2020 is developing on PC, you may need to know how to configure VPN on these devices. You can refer to VPN tutorials for windows. You can also leave a comment here.

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