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Guide to F1 2016 streaming from abroad: How to watch F1 2016 live online from abroad without any restriction?

Want to watch F1 2016 live online from whatever country? Need a guide to F1 2016 streaming from abroad? Then this article must be useful to you. We'll provide a list of TV channels which broadcast F1 2016 live online and tell you how to use VPN service to bypass geographic restriction that you may encounter.

F1 2016 race unblock from abroad VPN

TV channels broadcasting F1 Grand Prix 2016 live on the Internet

In order to follow F1 Grand Prix 2016 on the Internet, you should have this list of TV channels broadcasting F1 2016 races online:

United States: NBC Sports (free, in English)
United Kingdom: BBC (free,in English) et Sky Sports (paid, in English)
Canada: RDS (free with subscription, in English)
Australia: One (free, in English)
India: Star Sports (free, in English)
France: Canal+ (paid, in French)
Spain: Antena (free, in Spanish)
the Netherlands: Sport 1 (paid, in Dutch)
Italia: Sky Sport (paid, in Italian)
Japan: Fuji TV (free, in Japanese)
Middle East: BeIN Sports (paid, in Arabic)

You can watch F1 2016 races on any TV channel above. However, you may encounter geographic restriction when you watch F1 2016 from another country. In this case, a VPN is necessary to unblock and watch F1 2016 races on TV channels.

How to unblock and watch F1 2016 on TV channels online from abroad?

A VPN helps change our local IP address for another country. Let's say you are in UK but you want to watch F1 2016 on NBC Sports which requires a US IP. Under this situation, you should connect to a VPN server in US for a US IP.

If you don't know which VPN service to choose, I personally recommend you to use FlyVPN, whose VPN free trial service is reliable and stable, to unblock and watch F1 2016 online . You may also turn to FlyVPN's paid service for better quality of VPN service. Here is an article on How to Use Free VPN on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac.

If you have further questions about how to unblock and watch F1 2016 races live online from abroad with free VPN service, please leave a comment to ask. Hope this guide can help you.

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